WMiEFT 9: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Guess who's back and its 1878? That's right! Kayla and Haley venture into Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices, and back into Clare's Shadowhunter world. We missed you CC. Notes: Original Covers vs New twitter.com/wemajoredineng instagram.com/wemajoredinenglishforthis patreon.com/WMiEFT twitter.com/kjane0696 instagram.com/kjane0696 twitter.com/srrym0m instagram.com/srrym0mif you read this far you get the secret knowledge of knowing that Kayla only wore a big t-shirt during the recording… Continue reading WMiEFT 9: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

WMiEFT 8: Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

A contemporary book, on THIS podcast? Who would have guessed!!! Join Haley, Kayla, and their SPECIAL GUEST Kara for a deep dive into Eulogy, Mississippi with the one and only 6 foot 3 Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy Notes: twitter.com/wemajoredineng instagram.com/wemajoredinenglishforthis patreon.com/WMiEFT twitter.com/kjane0696 instagram.com/kjane0696 twitter.com/srrym0m instagram.com/srrym0mtwitter.com/kelizham instagram.com/kelizham

WMiEFT 7: The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

Haley and Kayla wrap up Tamora Pierce's The Immortals Quartet with the final book, The Realms of the Gods. Too many pop culture references, and not enough Cloud OR Kitten, which is illegal. But we meet new little friends! Notes:Darking Pinset LINKDarking Pinset image twitter.com/wemajoredineng instagram.com/wemajoredinenglishforthis twitter.com/kjane0696 instagram.com/kjane0696 twitter.com/srrym0m instagram.com/srrym0m

WMiEFT 6: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

This week, Haley and Kayla leave Tortall for Carthak in Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce. Cue: Magic, Birds, Hyenas, a Marmoset, and Kitten the baby dragon having an interest in politics! Notes: IMG Caption: Scary Marmosets 1. IMG Caption: Callithrix jacchus. Like a gremlin. (Scary Marmoset 2). IMG Caption: Cute Pygmy Marmoset like Zek. LINK:… Continue reading WMiEFT 6: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce